生产工具插件用户量: 70000大小: 14.11MiB版本: v 1.64.8更新时间: 2021-12-21
用户量:70000大小:14.11MiB版本:v 1.64.8更新时间:2021-12-21

Great writing, no matter where you write online.

Writer 的使用方法详解,最全面的教程

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扩展大小:14.11 MiB


版本:v 1.64.8

Writer 插件简介:

这是来自Chrome商店的 Writer 浏览器插件,您可以在当前页面下载它的最新版本安装文件,并安装在Chrome、Edge等浏览器上。





(2) 从设置->更多工具->扩展程序 打开扩展程序页面,或者地址栏输入 Chrome://extensions/ 按下回车打开扩展程序页面

(3) 打开扩展程序页面的“开发者模式”

(4) 将crx文件拖拽到扩展程序页面,



Make your writing sing with crisp, clear, error-free writing from the leading AI writing assistant for students, professionals, teams, and enterprises. Install Writer for Chrome and say goodbye to grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and get just-right suggestions for clarity, brevity, and confidence right in-line. Stay consistent and on message with a custom, automated styleguide, use your latest terms, communicate in a healthy way, and be super efficient with autocorrect and autocomplete. You’ll need a Writer plan to use the extension. If you don’t have one, no sweat. Try us free for 30 days after you install the extension. No credit card required. Part of a team or enterprise? Get your team writing with a single voice, no matter who they are or where they sit. Ditch the PDF and stop being an editorial bottleneck. Turn your styleguide into real time suggestions and scale your writing style, rules, and brand. Speed up editorial production and make your whole team efficient with autocorrections, suggested snippets, and phrase completions. Whether your team is writing emails, messages, social media posts, blogs, white papers, knowledge-base content, UX messages, compliance-sensitive product copy, or more, guarantee that they’re writing in your crisp, correct, on-brand voice. Here’s a sampling of the goodies you get with Writer for Chrome. ★ Error-free writing Up-level your writing with in-line suggestions for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Correct clunky wording, un-confident turns of phrase, and run-on sentences. ★ Healthy communication Keep your communication healthy and inclusive by flagging and correcting outdated, biased, passive-aggressive, negative, and toxic language. ★ Productivity Write like the wind and speed up your delivery schedule with efficiency boosters like autocorrect and autocomplete. ★ Consistency Stay consistent with writing style, tone, and terms with a custom, automated styleguide, snippets, and an always up-to-date terms library. ★ Everywhere you write Get writing help no matter where you’re online (email, social media, docs, and web-based tools). ★ Team collaboration Elevate your whole team’s writing with automated team styleguides, shared document workspaces, co-editing functionality, a shared terms library, shared messaging snippets, and the ability to trace changes. ★ Secure enterprise platform Help your IT and security colleagues sleep at night with a platform that's enterprise-ready and built with your privacy and security in mind. Writer doesn’t store your data on our servers or use them to train our AI. You get OAUTH & SAML SSO, role-based permissions, data encryption at rest and in transit, data loss prevention and global compliance detections, app-to-app controls, infrastructure and development security best practices, logging and alerting, and compliance with SOC 2, EU-US Privacy Shield, HIPAA, and the Cloud Security Alliance. With Writer for Chrome, there’s something for everyone. ★ Marketers and brand owners Everybody who writes is a reflection of your company. Make all your writing shine, scale your messaging, and keep everyone on-brand. ★ Content strategists Deliver great content, no matter who’s writing. Keep your team on pace with in-line suggestions for high-quality, consistent, healthy communication. ★ Customer success and support Keep your team focused on solving problems in a friendly, on-brand way, with in-line suggestions for correct, consistent, friendly writing. ★ Product UX Keep tooltips, in-product messaging, and documentation clean, crisp, and on-brand, no matter who’s doing the writing and where people sit. ★ Human resources and L&D Inspire modern, healthy communication and encourage everyone to speak with one voice. ★ IT and ops Give them something they really need while embracing your inner control freak. They get awesome writing and you get privacy, security, and compliance.


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