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最后更新时间 : 2017-01-31

分类 : 生产工具

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版本 : 1.4

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If you are a stackoverflow user and eager to answer new questions as soon as its posted, then this app is for you. This app can track your favorite tags and you can specify the interval between pulling in the new questions.

If you are more of a bounty hunter, then you can just pull the featured questions only as soon as they are posted.

Another cool thing is that, you can track multiple questions at a time, you will be notified when any answer is posted.

Also when you click the icon, a popup notification will show all the tracked tags and questions. Cool eh??

Key Features:
1. Track multiple tags.
2. Track multiple questions.
3. Pull featured questions.
4. Notifications on/off.
5. Limit Notifications.
6. Set pull content interval.
7. Separate icons for questions, tags, featured questions and answers.

Version 1.1: Update Log
1. Added settings option in popup.
2. Minor bug fix.

Version 1.2: Update Log
1. Added reset button in options page.
2. Major bug fix for pulling alarm and display notifications.
3. Optimized code.

Version 1.3: Update Log
1. Fixed special Character issue.

Version 1.4: Update Log
1. Fixed special Character issue in featured questions.

Developer? You can check the code at Cheers!!
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