UltraBlock - Privacy Protection & Adblock

UltraBlock - Privacy Protection & Adblock

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最后更新时间 : 2019-09-08

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版本 : 1.4.7

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UltraBlock is a super fast Privacy protection and efficient Adblock extension. UltraBlock removes all known Trackers, Ads and Third-Party cookies for maximum privacy protection. Remove retargeting ads, videos and block services that track your online behaviour. UltraBlock can be used together with the AdBlock, Ghostery or Privacy Badger extension. Use UltraBlock to:

★ Protect your Privacy
★ Remove Trackers
★ Remove Third-Party Cookies
★ Remove (retargeting) Ads
★ Speed up your browser over 55%
★ See what services try to tracking you
★ See what services are prevented

Almost every website uses services like (retargeting) ad networks, analytics or social media buttons. Popular websites even load over 73 of these external services in the background. They do this to profile and track you with the goal to improve conversions or to sell your profile. You, as a visitor, do not need these services for the website to load or a good browsing experience. They only slow you down and compromise your privacy.

UltraBlock automatically blocks unnecessary services like ads, invisible trackers and third-party cookies. It shows what services are loaded in the background of the websites that you visit. UltraBlock makes websites load over 55% faster and keeps your privacy safe.

UltraBlock maintains a manually checked tracker database with 5.471 hostnames of external services. These services are categorized into Advertising, Analytics, Social and Essential. Services that are not necessary for a good browsing experience are marked as 'unnecessary'. With this database UltraBlock automatically blocks ads and trackers that you do not need. UltraBlock shows you exactly what services are loaded in the background of the websites that you visit.

UltraBlock protects your privacy in as many ways as possible. It starts by blocking content from services that are marked as 'unnecessary' in the UltraBlock tracker database. This immediately cleans out over 80% of trackers only leaving unknown or new trackers. To make sure even these can not track you UltraBlock cleans up the third-party cookies and your browser cache after every website visit. And finally, to make it even harder for services to track you UltraBlock randomizes your user-agent for each website visit.

UltraBlock is a lightweight and super fast Chrome extension that runs quietly in the background. UltraBlock can be used by anyone who wants to protect privacy, make the browser run faster and also more secure.

When the publisher of a website installes Google Analytics the code is loaded directly via the HTML of the publisher. In other words the publishers website is the initiator of the Google Analytics script. But when a publisher installs a service like DoubleClick (Google product) then DoubleClick will also load: Google Syndication ,Google Static, 2MDN and sensic.net. In this case the initiator is DoubleClick and not the website of the publisher. When you open the UltraBlock pop-up and click on a service you'll see the label Initiator. This shows what the initiator of the service is. If a service was initiated by another service and not the website you're visiting we'll show a '➞' in front of the service in the service list.
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