Pacer speed reading 插件

Pacer speed reading

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Pacer speed reading is nothing more than a visual guide that guide your eyes across as well as down lines of text.

Using a pacer speed reading has many benefits.  By guiding your reading, your eyes are forced into moving in the direction of the pacer.  In other words, pacer speed reading forces your eyes to focus when and where you want them to focus.  With pacer speed reading, it’s nearly impossible to lose your place on a page and it’s a lot easier to advance to each successive line.  All of this helps increase reading speed.  Since pacer speed reading involves using other parts of the body, it’s easier to stay alert while reading and that helps improve concentration, too.

Fingers, hands, plastic rulers and cards aren’t very effective when trying to speed read on screen.  That's why pacer speed reading is created to help.

Just simply click START button then click on any text you want to read, a highlighting pacer will appear and move with a speed you want. It stops when reaching the end of a paragraph. Click on the next paragraph to continue.

The pacer speed, its color and movement are customizable in the browser action popup. Show popup by clicking on pacer speed reading icon on browser toolbar.

Pacer speed reading doesn't require any special permission. It's open-sourced.
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