Video Downloader for NEJM 插件

Video Downloader for NEJM

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最后更新时间 : 2019-08-03

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This extension allows you to see the link of and download videos from the New England Journal of Medicine.

To download a video, follow these simple steps:
1. Navigate to the article with the desired video. Please note that an NEJM account is required.
2. Click on the NEJM Video Downloader icon.
3. You may click on the link to open the video in a new tab, click on the button to download the video directly, or play the video in the extension popup itself.

Do note that an account with NEJM is required, and for that you must either have a subscription through a university or pay for one yourself. This extension does not let you bypass the paywall. 

This extension is not affiliated with the New England Journal of Medicine in any way. You are solely responsible for the usage of the videos downloaded using NEJM Video Downloader. Please follow the applicable intellectual property laws regarding usage of the downloaded videos. The developer of the extension is not responsible for any consequences stemming from user misuse of the videos downloaded using this extension. Again, don't break copyright law. Please.
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