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生产工具插件大小: 0.09MiB版本: v 1.0.6更新时间: 2021-11-23
大小:0.09MiB版本:v 1.0.6更新时间:2021-11-23

The best auto refresh extension, it helps you refresh your web page with lots of awesome features. This is 100% free and no ads.

Use this extension, you can: 1. Auto refresh page within specific seconds. 2. Auto stop refreshing when some text or some element appears in the page. 3. Show countdow on the icon or on the page. 4. Auto start task at specific time of today. 5. Start count down when dom ready or all resources finish loading. 6. Notify you when task auto stop or start at the specific time. 7. Off/On Hard refresh(without cache). 8. Now if you want to refresh without interval, you can set interval to zero. ======= 页面自动刷新插件 通过该插件,你能: 1. 每隔指定的时间(秒)自动刷新整个页面,设置为0可立即刷新。 2. 可以设置当页面上出现某个文本或者某个元素时自动停止刷新 3. 任务启动后可以设置在图标或者页面上展示刷新倒计时 4. 可以设置在DOM Ready 或者 所有资源加载完成时(window.load)开始倒计时 5. 可以设置在当天指定的时间开始自动刷新 6. 当自动停止或者自动在指定的时间开始刷新时,提醒我 7. 可以设置强制刷新(无缓存) 任何问题可以联系


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