Staffing Helper 插件

Staffing Helper

用户数 : 31

最后更新时间 : 2019-07-08

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 44.19KiB

版本 : 0.3.6

Used in conjunction of for help with allocating trades. LCFD
* Shows staffing hours to date
* Color code by station
* More separation between positions

Version 0.1.4 adds bulk shift request from Schedule / Everyone's Schedule / Week.

Version 0.2.0 
* Changes year-to-date hours - breaks out station hours and total hours
* Bug fix to bulk shift scheduling, add alert once requests are submitted

Version 0.2.2
* Label bug fix for W-DU S5

Version 0.2.3
* Updated checkbox javascript to remove index dependency for positions

Version 0.2.4
* Added S6@S3 to summary numbers

Version 0.2.5
* Removed hardcoding of year to date report range, now uses current year

Version 0.2.6
* Added S5@S5 to summary numbers

Version 0.2.7
* Added support for total points hours

Version 0.3.0
* Added Tues night stipend crew and duty (DW@E, DW@W, DU-E-S, DU-W-S)
* Fixed renaming of data-band-Stipend for checkbox toggling

Version 0.3.1
* Fixes to comply with HTML changes by W2W, no new functionality

Version 0.3.2
* Bug fix

Version 0.3.3
* Fixes station total hr computation in Trade page

Version 0.3.4
* Cat and mouse with w2w - they changed the name of their DLL from w2wE.dll to w2wEE.dll, we followed

Version 0.3.5 - no changes, just syncing versions

Version 0.3.6 
* More fun with w2wE.dll - changed to w2wE*.dll to keep it working
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