SFR Spotter 插件

SFR Spotter

用户数 : 20

最后更新时间 : 2020-02-04

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 102KiB

版本 : 0.1.1

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The SFR Spotter extension helps you find a profitable Single Family Rental on Zillow. Whether you're in wholesaling or a buy-and-hold investor, SFR spotter is the tool for you.

Save your time and money by using this extension to "spot" a profitable rental property right in the zillow search results without leaving the site. The extension goes behind the scenes to get the rent Zestimate, does the math for you and present you with expected annual ROI based on your preselected financial criteria. This is done for a whole page of results at a time.

Just enter your financial preferences into the extension (down payment, mortgage plan and interest rate, insurance, ... etc), press the "Spot SFR" button and voila!. Seconds later you'll see the expected ROI of each right on top of its picture.

You can also get into each property page to see a break down of the numbers in two scenarios: a) if you get the property on the current offered price, and b) if you get it on Zestimate price.

Important to know:
- You'll need to sign up before you are able to use the extension. No credit card needed to sign up.
- The SFR Spotter extension is free to try for 7 days. After the trial, you'll need to subscribe to continue using it.
- For now, the SFR Spotter works only on New sites are coming soon on the road map.
- You’d need a Zillow API key to run the extension. You can get one for free if you have a Zillow account. We’ll show you how.
- There’s a limit of the number of investment properties the extension can analyze per day. This limit is imposed by Zillow API key terms of use and it’s set at 1,000 property/day.

Please visit our website for more info and a detailed how-to guide to use the extension.
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