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版本 : 1.0.4

Schedule a Notebook to refresh automatically with a couple clicks, right from Jupyter Notebooks. Update Pandas DataFrames weekly, daily, hourly or every 5 minutes, and share the data with your team via Slack or Sheets!

SeekWell works within the tools you're already using:

Jupyter Notebooks: 

Simply open the extension while in a Notebook, choose how often you want the data to refresh, and click schedule.  No more building complex scheduling scripts from scratch or manually running analysis and reports.

Slack and Sheets: 

Automatically share data with your team by sending data directly to Slack or Google Sheets from within the extension. The extension uses Google OAuth already, so no additional authentication is required.

Want more functionality? Try the SeekWell desktop app, where you can easily switch code cells between SQL and Python within the same notebook and build a searchable repository of queries and scripts.  Create a team and share a code library with teammates, improving data consistency and reducing rework.

Product Specs
+ Google OAuth authentication
+ Scheduler requires whitelisting a static IP address if you plan to access your database (Desktop app without scheduling uses local connection and does not require whitelisting)
+ SeekWell does not store any data output

Eliminate the time-consuming process of running reports manually and avoid managing the complex process of automating notebooks. More information at, or contact us with questions at
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