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用户数 : 6889

最后更新时间 : 2019-11-11

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 304KiB

版本 : 1.2.8

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This Suite extension helps you get even more from your SuiteFiles subscription. 

With an easy to use interface, our Chrome Browser extensions seamlessly links your Xero Practice Manager (XPM) to SuiteFiles, allowing you easily maintain data integrity across XPM and SuiteFiles.

The Chrome extension also allow you to download any page from the web and save it directly into the relevant SuiteFiles folder using the print functionality. This function also allows you to print pages and documents from the web and save them straight to SuiteFiles as needed.

What a Suite solution!

New in this release (1.2);

You'll find a new interface when accessing the Documents tab in Xero Practice Manager (XPM), with the links now mapping directly to your files in SuiteFiles, the ability to create folders (with templates) and upload a document. 

You can now create new folders (with templates) when downloading reports or when using SuitePrint

The "Client already exists" message when creating a new client in XPM no longer appears when the field is empty

Bug fixes for downloading reports from XPM and exporting Workpapers

You can switch back to the default XPM Documents interface by toggling the Documents Tab Replacement button following the steps here.

Did you know that installing our Chrome extension also improves your experience when using the Office Web Apps? We've made a few changes to make editing in the browser a better experience.
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