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最后更新时间 : 2020-01-26

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版本 : 1.21.7

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Integrates Bugzilla and GitHub to make your life easier. It is a work in progress, so feel free to contribute: https://github.com/ditinc/bugzilla-github-extension

Features - Bugzilla:

- If GitHub Pull Request URL is populated with the pull request's URL, then a link will be added to the bug's title
- There is a button for marking selected bugs as duplicates when changing several bugs at once

Features - GitHub:

- If the repository is associated with a Bugzilla product:
  - The Product will be listed under the repository name
  - There will be buttons to jump to Bugzilla lists of unresolved or resolved bugs
- If the pull request's title includes the bug number (ex: 83513, [83513], Bug 83513, Bug85313) or if the branch contains the bug number (ex: bug_83513, Bug-83513, bug83513):
  - Bug number in title will be a link to the bug
  - Bugzilla section added to side listing some bug details
  - Comments will be sent to Bugzilla along with the Hours Worked entered in a new input added next to the comment buttons
    - This includes line comments, though they do not have an Hours Worked field
  - Have the option of setting but to RESOLVED FIXED when making a pull request comment
- When creating a pull request, you have the option to:
  - Update the GitHub Pull Request URL on the bug in Bugzilla
  - Send the comment to Bugzilla
- When merging a pull request, you have the option to:
  - Update the Code Status in Bugzilla 
  - Update the bug to RESOLVED TESTED
  - Labels are pushed to the GitHub Labels field on the bug
- If the release's comments include bug numbers (ex: 83513, [83513], [83513], [83513]):
  - Have the option of setting to In Staging or In Production in Bugzilla
  - Have the option of updating Release field in Bugzilla
... and more!
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