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Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook

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This tool extends several feature capabilities of Scoutbook.

Disclaimer:  This tool was created by a Scouting Volunteer who spent his own time and energy to "Do a good turn" and help fellow Scouters out.  It is not a product of the Scoutbook development team nor is supported by BSA.  If it helps you out, terrific.  If you find issues or have questions or would like to see it tweaked, please contact me so I can get them fixed.

What is it?
The focus of this extension is to provide time saving features to users of the Scoutbook Tool.  It is hoped that the life of this tool will be short and that Scoutbook is able to integrate these feature concepts.  This tool is simply an interim workaround to some needed features.

Until then, there is a great need to have the following included features. 
 * Repeating Events. You can create, edit and delete repeating calendar events
 * Copy Event. You can copy existing events to a new date.
 * Calendar Import from CSV file You can import calendare events using a CSV file
 * Calendar Messaging  You can select invitees based on their RSVP status to send 
   them messages.  You can select attendees based on Attendance status to send them
 * Update Multiple Calendar Event Invitees.  You can add invitees to any number of 
   future events in a quick entry fashion.
 * Enhanced Calendar View  You get a modified calendar view that displays a + sign 
   wherever there are multiple events on a single day
 * Camping/Hiking/Service Log Autofill Quick Entry.  You can open the Quick Entry 
   logs pre-filled with information from a Calendar Event.
 * Event RSVP Report.  Provides a printable report for a selected event.
 * Sticky Calendar Date - returns you to the recently used date in the calendar
   instead of back to the current date.
 * Scout Birthday - easily adds Scout Birthday events to the calendar

Payment Logs
 * Payment Log Quick Entry.  You can quick enter credits and debits for groups of 
 * Paylog Report - You can now get a balance and transaction report, with support
   for a unit level account
 * Unit Accounting - You can have a Unit Account that works with the Scout Accounts
   as subaccounts

Swimmer Classification
 * Swimmer Classification Quick Entry.  You can quick enter Swimmer Classifications 
   and dates for groups of Scouts and Leaders.

School Information
 * School Name and Grade Quick Edit. You can quick edit school names and grades for
Health Record
 * Health Record Quick Entry Table.  You can enter the AB and C health Record Dates 
   for multiple Scouts and Leaders in a table formatted quick entry

OA Record
 * OA Quick Entry.  You can quick enter OA information for multiple Scouts on one 
 * OA Membership Report.  View OA Membership data.

Session Monitor
 * Session Timeout Notification. When the Scoutbook session is about to logged off 
   due to inactivity, a popup appears and you can click to extend the session.

Merit Badge Quick Entry for Units
 * Add Merit Badge Quick Entry. You can use Quick Entry to Add merit badges, sign as 
   the Unit Leader, and Assign Merit Badge Counselors.

Merit Badge Quick Entry for Counselors
 * Merit Badge Quick Entry for Counselors. You can use Quick Entry to Approve 
   requirements or Completed Merit badges for multiple Scouts in multiple units all 
   at once.

Merit Badge Counselor Connection Helper
  * Allows Merit Badge Counselors to identify connections that are no longer needed, 
    so they may be removed to clean up the dashboard.

Merit Badge Reports for Counselors
  * Allows Merit Badge Counselors to see the Merit Badge status of Scouts they counsel.

Merit Badge Quick Find for Counselors
  * Allows Merit Badge Counselors to quickly get to the Merit badge pages for Scouts they counsel

Merit Badge Counselor Quick Connect
  * Easily connect to a Merit Badge Counselor right from the Merit Badge Search Results, and from a Scout's Merit Badge page
Merit Badge Import from Summer Camps
 * Summer Camp Merit Badge Import from Black Pug Software.  You can import data saved 
   after 6/1/2017 from Summer Camps that use the scoutingevent.com website to track 
   Merit badges.

New Scout/parent Import
 * Scout and Parent CSV Import - Fast way to set up Scouts and Parents at 
   registration time
 * Parent CSV Import - fast way to just add parents

Clean Message and Forum Pasting
 * Message Pasting.  Filters pasted text into messages and forums so only clean text 
   is seen

Connection Manager Enhancement
  * Preserve connections and permissions between parents and Scouts when changing all 
    permissions for an adult.
  * Set Scout column permissions.  Sets all permissions except parents and Admins.
  * Adds a Permissions by Position Manager page to easily set permissions based on the leadership and parent/guardian roles held by adults

Report Builder:
  * Adds Select All in report builder for adventures and merit badges

  * Adds a Select Den/Patrol option to message page so you can easily send messages to one or more dens or patrols.
  * Adds a Custom Email Group option to all setting up custom groups.
  * Always makes sure you are copied on messages going out
  * Preview to see what BB codes look like
  * YPT Notices in the body
  * Recipient name list in BCC messages

  * Adds a quick edit Scout Youth Training function 
  * Adds an Adult Trained Leader export to CSV from Training Report
  * Adds a YPT Training Report, with 2018 cutoff dates

Print Roster:
  * Adds a quick simple sort capability to the Print Roster

Youth Leadership:
  * Adds a Quick Edit of Youth Leadership Positions
Help Links:
  * Adds Help Links to SUAC documents and this extension help documents on the Scoutbook Help page.

Upgrade Notifications
  * Allows you to choose if you want to be notified of version updates, and you can specify for all releases or feature updates only.

This extension is also available as a Firefox Add-on.  See Scoutbook forums for the location.
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