FBA Multi-Tool Restriction, Calculator + More

FBA Multi-Tool Restriction, Calculator + More

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Compatible with Amazon UK, USA & EU Marketplaces. 

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​Automatically check your seller account to see if products are restricted or Hazmat without leaving the Amazon Listing page Plus FBA Calculator a pop out Keepa Chart, Top 5 prices & item percentage rank tab built into 1 extension. The all in 1 decision making tool for Amazon sourcing.
“FBA Multi-Tool” Is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to easily and quickly check if the product you are wanting to list is Restricted or even Hazmat, without leaving the product page. 
Not only can you check all Amazon restrictions, this extension gives you the ability to bring up a Keepa chart and quickly decide if the item is a good seller, checks how often Amazon is in stock, average fba price + much more. Under the Keepa graph is a list of the Top 5 current prices.
Also it comes with an item Top rank percentage tab and a very useful FBA Calculator to work out all your profits and ROI's
Selling on Amazon can be very difficult with all the rules that seem to change every week/month. The most frustrating being the Restrictions they put in place and the Hazmat rules which can cost you money if you don’t check your items correctly.
The only way to check these restrictions and hazmat warnings is to go through a lengthy process in your Amazon seller central account, which takes up a lot of time when you’re trying to source multiple items for your Amazon business. And if you make a mistake and you’re stuck with the stock you'll probably end up selling it on eBay to break even or make a loss. 
“Restriction Wizard” will skip that frustrating and slow process and get straight to the point. And on top of all that it can work out all your fees, profits and rank percentage. A must have tool for all Amazon Sellers.

•Hazmat/Brand & Category Restriction Checker
•Pop Up Keepa Chart 
•Top Rank Percentage Tab
•Current Top 5 Prices
•FBA Calculator

March 2018
•App Compatible With US And EU Marketplaces. (Already UK Compatible)
•UK Version To Display All EU Market Place Prices In GBP & Euro 
•ASIN's To Be Displayed On The App. 

April 2018
•EFN Fee's
•EFN Fee Adjustment
•Fixed Transit Cost 
•VAT Option

​May 2018
•Private Label Detector – Avoid Suspension
Red= High Risk – Stay Away
Orange= Medium Risk Investigate Further – Check Keepa, see how many sellers it’s had in its lifetime if only 1/2 stay away
Green= Low/No Risk
• Break Even Price (Great For Sellers Using Re-Pricers, set your WAR price)
• Profit Margin (Most Calculators Only Give ROI)

Small subscription fee is required to access app. http://fbamultitool.com
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