Checker Plus for Google Drive™

Checker Plus for Google Drive™

用户数 : 52645

最后更新时间 : 2019-10-14

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 1.71MiB

版本 : 7.5.29

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• Browse, open, search or delete your files and documents right from a browser button (without waiting for Google Drive's page to open)

• Get desktop notifications when any of your files/documents are modified or updated by a shared user

• Can also be used as a widget for the extension "Awesome New Tab Page" (ANTP)

More to come...

Change log:
5.2 (Jan 4)
- Fixed revision title and sorting recent and starred lists properly

5.1 (Dec 10)
- Added drag and drop to move files/folders

5.0 (Dec 8)
- Added upload file button

4.2 (Nov 29)
- Added maximize icon
- Added more automatic refreshes
- Fixed refresh issue after installing
4.1.2 (Nov 25) - Fixed popup size issue and blue grant button
4.1.1 (Nov 22)
- Fixed search button look
4.0 (Nov 21)
- Added permissions to perform file comparisons between revisions upon a modification notification and to fetch all drive icons
- Added "Create" button ...finally I know :)
- Fixed ANTP widget issue with nav links

3.1.2 (Nov 18)
- Added My Drive file and folder browsing
- Added more icons
- Sort files by Shared with Me
- Sort files by Starred
- Faster loading

2.8 (Sep 16) - Added mark as viewed/read button
2.7.5 (Sep 7) - Cleaned up header
2.7.4 - Re-activated GA for Mac/Linux users
2.7.3 - Using generic icon for any missing icons
2.7.2 - Added missing icons
-Fixed images logo
-Added more options

2.6 Added onerror logging
-Fixed bug by removing notifications for your own newly created files
-Added a 'processing' message when deleting files

-Fixed issue with some shared files not appearing
-Fixed deleting error message issue
-Fixed some icons

-Refresh file list everyday
-Fixed blank ANTP widget issue caused by event page
-Fixed presentation icon
-Removed token response error due to duplicate onUpadated Chrome bug

-Optimized memory with event page using onAlarm
-Polls for changes when returning from idle state
-Added folder names

2.1 - Added options icon
-Added desktop notifications for modified files
-Added bolding unviewed items

1.2 - Added folder names beside file names
1.1 - Added widget compatibility with Awesome New Tab Page (ANTP)
1.0 - Born
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