IMDb Movie Rating Lookup 插件

IMDb Movie Rating Lookup

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最后更新时间 : 2018-02-20

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版本 : 0.4.1

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IMDb Movie Rating Lookup is an extension to quickly lookup ratings of movies and TV-series on IMDb. 

Simply select the text of the title you want to lookup and immediately see the rating as a badge on the extension logo. Go to the IMDb page by clicking on the icon.

* Select only a small portion of a movie title and lookup the IMDb rating immediately in the badge text
* -NEW- Right click movie description on Netflix when hovering the image to look up rating. Badge and context menu are updated correctly
* Search title/link on IMDb directly using the context menu when right clicking
* -NEW- Support for keyboard shortcuts
* Fast and minimalistic

* Improved search of TV series to also support S01 apart from S01E01
* Deactivated fallback search (search only selected text when intelligent title parsing fails) by default due to unreliable ratings
* Added options to activate the fallback search for users still wanting that
* Added option to open results in same tab

* This extension is open source, Feel free to contribute!

* This extension uses the OMDb API (, which sometimes returns incorrect results. I'm contacting that development team whenever I find inconsistencies, and I encourage you to contact me if you find any.

* Credit for the icon goes to

* This extension is not affiliated with, maintained, authorised, endorsed or sponsored by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) or any of its affiliates.
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