Hide My Searches 插件

Hide My Searches

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最后更新时间 : 2019-10-16

分类 : 搜索工具

扩展大小 : 238KiB

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Hide My Searches is a private search tool that keeps your searches hidden from other users on your computer.

Hide My Searches detects any searches you attempt that may be tracked, and redirects them to our private, encrypted search engine. Our private search engine eliminates the need to clear your browsing history because your search terms don't appear in your history.

Permissions we request:

"activeTab", "tabs", "webNavigation"

We use these permissions to protect information you enter into forms on the sites we protect you on. Some sites use keystroke logging to track any words you enter into a search field. These permissions allow us to block those logs and let you know which fields are safe, by displaying a tooltip.

"webRequest", "webRequestBlocking", "privacy"

We use these permissions to block the searches that you don't want to be tracked, and allows us to redirect those searches to our secure search engine so you can still find the information and the search results you're looking for.

"storage", "cookies"

We use these permissions to store and clear the encryption keys that we use to ensure that your searches are secure and expire within 30 minutes of your final search.

"contextMenus", "management"

These permissions let us give you the browser interface to control our product and its settings. You can use the context menu to disable, uninstall, and reactivate our extension as needed.

"http://*/*", "https://*/*"

These give us permission to protect you throughout the internet. 

Without these permissions we wouldn't be able to block things like background search logging and sneaky forms that track you from one website to another.
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