Ad-O-Meter - Better than AdBlocker 插件

Ad-O-Meter - Better than AdBlocker

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最后更新时间 : 2017-06-20

分类 : 搜索工具

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版本 : 0.1.9

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Ad-O-Meter is a unique early-warning system for ad-heavy pages. It is NOT an AdBlocker! When you google something, the Ad-O-Meter shows you – seamlessly integrated into the google search results – how many ads are going to be on each page. You see this before you even click on the link! This lets you avoid visiting pages covered in ads, and saves you having to click back and forth in firefox. Find ad-free pages faster, save time browsing and ultimately get the information you're looking for more quickly and more easily. Furthermore, steering clear of pages overloaded with unnecessary ads helps you keep your data usage down.

The Ad-O-Meter's little red bubbles help you identify which websites are full of ads and which are relatively less polluted. So, users can decide which link they want to click on to ensure a stress-free browsing environment. As opposed to our competitors (did someone say AdBlock?), you can trust that Ad-Busters will ensure you don’t lose your mind being chased deeper and deeper into hell by adverts that refuse to be closed.

How does this work?

The Ad-O-Meter service gathers data on the number of adverts on each URL, which forms the basis for the index. This data is then integrated back into the google search results. Our aim is that, eventually, people will be able to deactivate their adblockers (no more fighting), thereby avoiding anti-ad-blockers - and still benefit from fast and ad-low webrequests.
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