Closet Betty 插件

Closet Betty

用户数 : 314

最后更新时间 : 2019-08-21

分类 : 购物插件

扩展大小 : 1.05MiB

版本 : 1.0.1

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Built For Poshers, By Poshers.

Closet Betty automates your Poshmark tasks using the timing and methods of real people. She clicks the buttons the way you would. She scrolls down the page the way you would. You can even supervise all of her work! Oh, and she'll stop for captchas too!

With one click, you can...

-- Share Your Entire Closet To All Your Followers
-- Share Your Entire Closet To Active Parties
-- Follow All Of Your Followers
-- Follow Any Other Closet's Followers
-- Return A Share For Each Of Your Received Shares
-- Update All Of Your Listings (Edit-Next-Share Method)
-- Share X Number Of Items From Anyone's Closet
-- Share X Number Of Items From Any Brand Page

You can also schedule your sharing and following...

-- Schedule Shares To Followers
-- Schedule Shares To Parties
-- Schedule Updating Your Listings (Edit-Next-Share Method)
-- Schedule Return Following
-- Schedule Return Sharing

With the scheduling feature, you can just leave your computer on and let Betty handle it at the time you set!

Betty will also...

- Let you set the speed of your sharing and following (slow, medium, or fast)
- Alert you of CAPTCHAs and stop until you've solved them

Take back your time AND increase your potential sales!

Closet Betty was built by actual Poshmark users who were frustrated with the intense time requirements of sharing, following, and updating. We wanted more time with our families and less time in front of a screen. And so we built Betty to act like a real person, doing exactly what we would do.

No questionable methods are used. Betty simply drives your web browser the way you would, times her clicks the way you would, and even stops to handle CAPTCHAs the way you would.

Give it a try! We hope you'll like it!
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