Puzzle Pay 插件

Puzzle Pay

用户数 : 1

最后更新时间 : 2018-11-03

分类 : 购物插件

扩展大小 : 306KiB

版本 : 1.2

Puzzle Pay is a web-browser extension that is aimed towards compulsive spenders and is designed to make users reflect on their behaviour towards spending money unnecessarily. When a user first signs up to Puzzle Pay they provide some information (name, age, email) and also provide the name and email of someone they wish to act as an observer. In Puzzle Pay whenever a user is about to purchase something they will be taken to Puzzle Pay and be required to solve a series of puzzles. But the catch is that these puzzles can only be solved through the help of an observer. Whenever the user triggers puzzle pay the Observer is sent the shopping list of the user along with a series of information of how to solve the user’s puzzles. It is then up to the Observer to decide whether or not to give this information back to the user. If they feel the items in the user’s shopping cart and not necessary then they can reject the request and the user will not be able to complete the purchase. Even when the user receives the information the puzzles will not be simple and this is because we want the user to properly reflect and decide whether the items are worth it in the end
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