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Let beauty become you at Otomo. Our iconic freshwater pearl jewellery pieces offer the sophistication and timelessness of classic jewellery styles along with an air of elegance. Our collection features the latest trends and styles in the industry while keeping our customers at the centre of our attention.  

Welcome to Otomo

The Otomo began as a pearl retailer, specializing in offering our customers the highest quality pearl jewellery while providing a wide variety of reasonably priced pieces. While the pearls at Otomo will never be cheap in quality, we do pride ourselves on the affordability of our jewellery. 

In addition to our excellent prices, Otomo has a strong reputation in the industry for our timeless products and our incredible dedication to our customers. Through our growth as a business, we have gained loyal customers that know Otomo is the most trusted name for pearl jewellery. 

Our Customer Service

By cutting out the middleman and shipping our jewellery directly to the customer, we are able to provide shoppers with the kind of service that will never be found at a generic jewellery store. Our direct connection to consumers helps us focus exclusively on your needs; we put our customers first and will always respond to any custom orders, calls, or concerns.

Take some time to experience Otomo and see why we have many longstanding relationships with our customers from all over the world. Our pearl company is more than just an online jewellery shop—for many of our customers, we are family. Our brand is a trusted name throughout the world and our pearls are second to none. Try our products for your self to see why Otomo will always be the best place for pearl jewellery. 
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