Sites Price History - Gearbest and Banggood 插件

Sites Price History - Gearbest and Banggood

用户数 : 1000

最后更新时间 : 2019-01-08

分类 : 购物插件

扩展大小 : 123KiB

版本 : 1.3.5

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This extension adds a price history chart to items in shopping sites. This helps you to know whether you should wait to a lower price at different dates or it is already the lowest price available so  far, saving you considerable amount of money!

In addition, from time to time, we will provide coupons to the items in question, so make sure you use this often to enjoy lower prices.

If there's no coupon available at the time, you can ask for one, and if it's popular enough, we might just cut a deal and take care of one for you :)

Right now only Gearbest and Banggood are supported, but we're already working on adding several other shopping sites, so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: When using this extension, we use our own affiliate id for your purchases. This helps us to further maintain and develop this extension. Also, using our affiliate extensively, makes us more powerful to supplier, so we might be able to get better deals and coupons than other affiliates.

The more users, the more accurate and updated the charts will be so make sure you check in every day. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you'll pay less than you wanted to pay today :)
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