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Take your game to the next level with RotoGrinders FanDuel Tools:

- RotoGrinders Premium subscribers can sign into the extension to gain access to expert rankings, projected ownership, player projections and more when creating or editing lineups on FanDuel.

- View the ownership percentages of your players across lineups on the Upcoming and Live lineups pages.

- View the amount of margin (% of prize pool the site takes) and overlay (difference between guaranteed prizes and total current entry fees) for guaranteed contests.

- View the margin, percentage of the field that gets paid, min cash amount, and the first place and top ten prize pool percentages in the contest details popup.

- View an opponent's unused salary cap to make informed late swap decisions.

- Name your upcoming lineups in order to quickly find and better manage multiple lineups on the Upcoming lineups page.

**Release Notes** 

version 5.19: Added fantasy points multipliers for single-game contests (if Fpts is selected in the premium menu). Added "Defense vs. Archetype" to the NBA premium menu. Removed "Handedness" from the MLB menu.

version 5.18: Fixed the contest details so that they will display in the popup window.

version 5.17: Added Kevin Roth's MLB weather ratings and forecasts to the build screen for premium users.

version 5.16: For premium users, added flex highlighting for MLB late-swap situations and added implied team totals to the game filters on the lineup build page.

version 5.15: Patch the premium menu again. 

version 5.14: Got the PGA premium menu options to display again; added Local Tee Times and Top 10 Probability to the PGA premium menu.

version 5.13: Fixed the premium menu options to display again on FanDuel's new layout.

version 5.12: More changes to the premium menu to handle different browser window widths.

version 5.11: Updated the premium features to work with FanDuel's latest web changes.

version 5.10: Fix premium access for new installations

version 5.9: More changes to support slate-specific ownership.

version 5.8: Added even-strength and power play lines to the NHL premium menu. Added the premium menu to the page when the "Duplicate Entry" button is clicked. Fixed player exposure on the 'Live' contests page.

version 5.7: Upgraded libraries and tooltips.

version 5.6.1: Use a player's team instead of position to create the player ID string when calculating player exposure.

version 5.6: Added the FanShare Buzz Score to the NFL premium menu.

version 5.5.2: Fixed the margin on the 'Discover' tab; switched projected ownership to be slate-specific; added margin/overlay to the popup that is displayed after entering a contest (user must reload the page).

version 5.5.1: Added margin to 'Discover' tab in the lobby; fixed 1stPlace/Top10 calculations for qualifiers; added expert analysis to the premium filters.

version 5.4.5: Added Umpire Rating to the premium menu for MLB; fixed the margin and overlay display in the lobby.

version 5.4.4: Added floor/ceiling back in for MLB; fixed PlateIQ Score.

version 5.4.3: Moved the premium menu while FanDuel tinkers with the display of its lineup section.

version 5.4.2: Added PlateIQ Score to the MLB premium menu. Improved the 'cap space remaining' functionality.

version 5.4.1: Added Premium Filters to the premium menu. Added the following sport-specific options to the premium menu: 'Win Probability' and 'Make Cut Probability' for PGA; 'Projected Minutes' for NBA; and 'Handedness' for MLB. Removed the 'Floor/Ceiling' option from the MLB menu.

version 5.4: Added 'Total Dollar Amount' option to the player exposure feature. Added CVR, floor/ceiling, and sport-specific (Odds for PGA; Team Schedule for NBA) options to the premium menu. Added Top Ten % to the contest details pop-up and updated the lobby code again.

version 5.3: Added min cash to contest details and updated the lobby code again.

version 5.2.1: Updated the margin/overlay to work with FanDuel's latest lobby changes.

version 5.2: Improved the name matching algorithm for the premium features.

version 5.1.3: Updated the contest details to work with FanDuel's new lobby design.

version 5.1: Contest details bug fix and improvements to the lineup naming feature.

version 5.0: added the integration of RotoGrinders FanDuel Premium content, plus some enhancements to the contest details popup, which should now calculate qualifiers correctly.

version 4.3: added the ability to name your lineups on the Upcoming lineups page

version 4.0: added salary cap remaining calculator and percentage paid and first place prize pool percentage to contest details popup. removed old bankroll tracker export features

version 3.5: now you can select which lineups you want to include in your exposure calculations and view your exposure calculations by Total Entries, Unique Entries, or Total Dollars in play

version 3.2: added player ownership percentages to Upcoming and Live lineups page

version 3.1: fixed issues with results export to RotoGrinders bankroll tracker

version 3: removed CSV upload feature since FanDuel now offers their own bulk upload feature

version 2.8: updated results export to support new bankroll tracker data storage format

version 2.6: We no longer show wins in the H2H lobby. FD has removed wins from user profiles

version 2.5.2: removed H2H lobby color coding at FanDuel's request

version 2.5: added margin and overlay calculations to the lobby. also added an options page to switch features on/off. navigate to chrome://extensions in your address bar and click "Options" under the extension listing.

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