Facebook Disconnect disables FB pixel / Facebook tracking in third-party websites. Surf web faster, more private, more secure.
MultiSurf helps you find search results in alternative search engines.
Play 2048, Contra, Pac - man and other classic games in browser for free, while surfing the web! Play flash games online without…
Surf quicker than anyone else, by skipping through unnecessary steps, when accessing preferred sites
Nouveau service - Surfez plus rapidement et plus facilement sur Google Chrome !
Use voice to type, click anything, scroll, watch videos, open webpages, make custom voice shortcuts and more.
Surface relevant information directly in your web browser.
Play online videos while surfing the Internet
Вы пользуетесь браузером - Мы показываем рекламу и платим за это!
Tiny vulnerability scanner based on vulners.com vulnerability database. Passively scan websites while you surf internet!
Subway Surfers Unblocked Game
Surf the web with the most reliable browsing assistant by your side, in your Chrome browser.
Checks browser and plugin vulnerabilities. Click the extension icon to get protection recommendations.
Surf withOut CLICKING.
Ditch your mouse. Surf the web with just your keyboard.
This extension allows you to play Subway Surfers game from the task bar icon.
Darker mode is for all websites on the web, look after your eyes great for night and day surfing
Subway Surfer Seoul New Tab is now available on chrome
Chili Security Safe Surf adds a strong and non-intrusive layer of security to your browsing experience.
Stay protected while searching and surfing the Web. Never worry about suspicious websites again.
Dark mode Facebook is an easy way to make your Facebook surfing in the dark more comfortable.
Get reviews and ratings on every website you visit: Find great businesses and surf safely with the Sitejabber Chrome Extension.
Watch videos in a floating window while surfing the web.
Beautiful dark mode for all websites. Protect your eyes when you surf in dark enviroments.
Allow you to surf with secure browser, Virus Defender.
Automatic Incognito Surfing.
Save thoughts, ideas, pages, links and more to your Simpleology Dream Catcher while removing the distraction of mindlessly surfing.
Create vocabulary flashcards of words you discover while reading or surfing the web.
Generate QR Code for installing Android apps on your device while surfing web-based Google Play™ (no sign-in required)
This extension allows you to play Subway Surfers game from the task bar icon.
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