Find access to blocked websites
Bypass ITV Hub ads
An addon to allow you to read articles from websites that implement easy paywalls to bypass
An extension to get necessary data to bypass Cloudflare and similar anti-bot protection for Manga Downloader desktop application
Bypasses the 'thought of the day' splash screen on Forbes™ website. [me@nishantarora.in]
Allows for a custom nickname on a kahoot with only random nicknames allowed.
Bypass the Steam link filter
This extension bypasses domain blocks set by some Icelandic ISPs
Don't waste your time with compliance. Streamus ByPasser circumvents annoying link shorteners.
Tries to Bypass any paywall
ByPass Paid Links (adf.ly , linkbuck, g.js ..)
An extension for bypassing Medium paywall
Project Free TV brings you to an interstitial page before letting you continue to the video - this extension bypasses that page
This extension lets you skip any t.co links. It will speed up your daily Twitter productivity -- if there is such a thing.
This extension redirects YouTube links to YTPAK, allowing users in Pakistan to bypass censorship restrictions.
Provides automatic functionality to Steam's web filter pages
Bypass IMSLP's 15 second download waiting time.
Extension allows you to unblock kinopoisk.ru for Ukraine
Jump the paywall with this extension.
an extension to bypass paywalls Keppo
A small Chrome extension that bypasses the block on the website "Medium"
View LitCharts Literature analyses and Shakespeare translations for free.
A lightweight Chrome extension for bypassing Warning.or.kr.
Read Paid Article: Bypass Paywall.
Removes promoted links in timelines, following & trends. Bypasses Twitter's link warning & auto directs links clicked within tweets
Bypass download timer on 9cloud
TelePass enhance password security; bypass all key loggers ,peaking colleagues
Bypass Regional Zone for play Kancolle.
Bypasses Steam link filtering.
Indonesian Fansub and Fanshare Short Link Bypasser.
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