Scraping assistant tool. Editing and maintaining CSS/XPath selectors across webpages.
Extract, edit, and evaluate XPath queries with ease. this fork from https://github.com/google/xpaf
Customized PEGA development tool to edit, inspect and generate XPath and CSS selectors.
Locate and save web elements and get their xpath/cssSelector code
The extension allows you to generate a readable XPath for HTML elements
uAutoPagerize の SITEINFO の作成を補助するツールです
This will generate xpaths for elements on the webpage
Smarter way to automate salesforce application
Smartest way to get the best CSS Selectors and XPath.
Generate and test xpath expressions hassle free with WYSIWYG GUI
XPath tool
Click on any element to get the xPath
Generates cssSelector and xPath for Selenium
Easily write and verify CSS and XPath selectors.
Enter xPaths and wrap them in a border so you can visualize selections
Save absolute and relative xpath of selected element, View more information by clicking extension
Locator genarates, validates and copies xpath/css selector on click. It also supports svg.
Xpath Evaluator will help you to find Xpath and other properties of a WebElement and save it to form an object repository
TruePath dynamically generates relative XPath on right click on web page and display all the XPath as menu items.
PreFlight let's anyone to generate unique CSS and XPath generators easily without opening the inspection tool with iframe support.
Simplifyqa IDE Objectpicker to inspector a webelement and generate xpath to write test script . With All other property. Fast.
This extensions helps you create quality css, jquery, and xpath selectors
Generate unique Xpath for a DOM element
Gutenberg Smart XPath, by Subject7
Xpath extraction extension for ARGOS STU (HTML Action)
Copy full xpath
create dynamic xpaths on the go.Check the browser console for xpaths
Generates relative XPath locator to automate any web applications running in a browser.
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