Your RSS/Atom feeds as bookmarks and a whole lot more
Simple RSS reader
RSS feed reader in the style of Firefox's live bookmarks.
Adds one-click subscription to your toolbar.
Easily Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Feedly
Notifies user of new posts in RSS feeds
RSS Reader
Simple RSS Reader widget for Awesome New Tab Page. Resizable and multi-placeable. [ANTP]
RSS reader, a modded port of 'Smart RSS' for Opera by Martin Kadlec
The simplest way to get notified about new feed entries.
This extension displays the number of unread articles in your Tiny Tiny RSS installation
Retreive/Find RSS feeds from Websites
Quickly view any feeds (RSS, Atom, etc) that are syndicating the current page.
Read your personal Craigslist RSS feeds with this extension inside Inoreader
RSS/ATOM reader. No server backend required, all parsing is done in browser. No synchronization.
RSS, Atom Feed Reader & Web Crawler
Detects Atom/RDF/RSS-feeds on the page and offers to subscribe it in Yandex.Feeds
台灣免費資源網站,成立於 2006 年,是一個以免費資源為主題的網站,提供最新免費資訊,訂閱 RSS 以獲取最新的網路免費訊息。
Adds one-click subscription to your toolbar.
Powiadomienie o livestreamie i nowych filmach na kanale YouTube. RSS Feed
Automatically detects a site's RSS feed(s), and provides at-a-glance social sharing metrics for the site's recent posts.
Displays RSS feeds in a small desktop notification styled window, now with Pocket(R) support!
RSS-агрегатор на основе 'Smart RSS' от Мартина Кадлеца
【摸鱼助手】 一键订阅 RSS、博客、播客、微博、知乎、Twitter 、Facebook、Reddit 等等互联网上的新闻热点和文章,通过各种网络机器人抓取内容,你可以根据自己的喜好创建各种追踪类主题。
This extension displays the number of unread articles in your Tiny Tiny RSS installation.
RSS Detector for Erinome RSS extension.
Adds RSS subscription buttons to YouTube.
This plugin adds the RSS button back to Youtube.
Simple feed updater.
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