Helps you stay focused on the web by blocking unnecessary destractions
Stop endlessly procrastinating. Use this extension to quickly open a self-destructing tab when you take a break.
Stops you from visiting web-sites on impulsive procrastination.
Copy text from images with Optical Character Recognition
Extension can get text from image using OCR engine
This tool is actually text scaner that capture active tab's target area and extract text from it.
Motocross Bikes wallpapers extension offers great images with every new tab and was made for all fans of Motocross.
Block distractions in the browser and win the productivity game
Autocraft Steam Badges & Steam Gems!
Image to Text just click and crop
Procreate for PC and Mac, Download and install for Windows is the most powerful and intuitive digital illustration app.
Motocross New Tab Wallpapers & Games, designed just for motocross lovers. Replaces your new tab to motocross new tab wallpapers.
Whether you're just trying to pass the time, or don't have the will to do anything else.
Translate and overlay any public image! Powered by GoogleOCR and Deepl
Simplest website blocker, Stay focused and improve productivity. Stop procrastination once and for all!
OCR for web browser screen
Procreate for pc extension provide you with 'Procreate' design on new tab. Designed for 'Procreate' app fans.
Convert Image, Video and PDF to Text. Allows to translate the text in 63 languages.
Дополнительное расширение для работы с виджетами AmoCRM от компании IBAY.ONLINE
Press 'Shift' -> Select a part of an image -> Paste the extracted text anywhere!
Набор расширений для amoCRM от RocketCRM
Race your motocross bike across the desert in this exciting MX motorsports game.
Fight your procrastination impulses and develop useful habits with Y-Productive`s browser extension.
Democratizes the access to information, for free
Stop procrastinating with one click
It is an online tool, using the OCR we make it possible to extract jpg to text.
If your passion is off-road motorcycle racing you will love this extension. Enjoy beautiful HD wallpaper images with every new tab.
A small tool for scanning document(chrome os only), capturing pictures, edit images, read barcodes and ocr.
Block websites, control your browsing patterns and beat procrastination.
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