Virtual Green Screens, Blur, Pixelate, 3D Filters and More!
Protect your Passwords, Payments, and Privacy.
Bypass for blur check on testportal.pl(net)
Blurs out your background during a Google Meet or Hangouts video call.
This extension unblurs the study cards from StudyBlue
Blur your Google Meet Webcam Background
互联网安全功能:广告、不安全搜索和网站模糊; 全球模糊统计,以安全为中心的新标签
Reveal who likes you for free!
Blur out your private conversations on multiple web chat clients
Blur messages in chat preview
Blur any element text, image, input or paragraphs with single click.
Blur any sensitive information from any website or web app. Keep data safe when delivering demos or recording videos!
This extension unblurs items on Dailymotion.
A simple extension that blurs out words you don't like
Vocablurry is the best new way to learn new words without knowing that you're learning
Add motion blur to your cursor
Disables blur for images shown at integer zoom levels.
This extension allows you to view blurred tinder likes on tinder.com.
Easily edit, replace or blur elements on any webpage
Removes blur and other kinds of censorship on hentai-chan and nude-moon
This extension allow users to prevent peeking messages on Messenger and Facebook by blurring or reverse mirror effect.
This extension blurs a page if 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' spoilers are detected
Blur images from chats
Read unlimited Quora answers without signing up.
Hides / Blurs inactive windows and tabs to keep your browsing truly private.
This extension allows you to apply effects like Blur, Pixelate and Inverse to your camera live during Google Meets
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