Play Flash anytime, even in 2022 and beyond, using an emulator.
Open flash file in full screen or download it for offline use
Powerful Video Downloader. Downloads most popular media formats like flash, videos, audios.
Fastest and easiest way saves favorite flashes and play them later.
Simplest way to download videos fast and for free!
This plugin allows you to play Flash games in Chrome on Friv.
Play Solitaire Social using this extension from Playkot LTD.
Intercepts requests for unembedded .swf files and opens a webpage which embeds the .swf file instead
Download Flash & Video from web pages using popular Flash Video Downloader.
Best extension for downloading online video!
Grab and download media (image and video) sources by monitoring network (like FlashGot)
Add this plugin and enable Flash for all games hassle free! Gamegos Flash Helper is a Google Chrome browser Extension created by…
This extension makes sure you never have to press allow Flash again in any of the GamePoint Games.
Habilita Flash y obtén acceso a los últimos juegos de JuegosJuegos !
Một phần mở rộng đơn giản để sửa lỗi "Missing Plug-in" khi mở các trang web có chứa nội dung Flash.
Summarizes research papers, creates interactive flashcards, highlights key points, links to open-access versions of each citation
Club Penguin Brasil是一款允许Club Penguin Brasil在Adobe Flash Player中自动运行的谷歌浏览器插件。
Open SWF links of Adobe Animate (Flash) in a pure sandboxed JavaScript emulator
Flash control or Flash block chrome extension helps you to block all the Adobe flash player files from any web page you visit.
The official aBowman Hamster Chrome extension. Now working without Flash thanks to Ruffle.
Email marketing & newsletter creator for Gmail. Design emails, create mailing lists & track performance. All inside Gmail.
FRQc adds extra control features to Adobe Flash Player. With this extension you can easily change default rendering quality.
Page of Thunder Express Flashget whirlwind link is automatically replaced with a real address, and integrated utility such as speed…
FVD Suggestions是一款几乎可以支持下载所有视频网站视频内容的Chrome浏览器插件,只要是您的谷歌浏览器可以打开观看的视频,FVD探测器都可以帮您下载下来。
Best Video Download tool. Support every video file format from every website.
Facilitates flashing and debugging TI devices from the cloud
FedEx Office Flash Enabler是一款允许用户为在线打印启用Flash插件的扩展,专门为谷歌浏览器用户设计。
Now auto buy any type of flash sale products by using our chrome extension
Allow Farmtown to enable Flash by default in Chrome
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