Improves Steam Community Market Buy Orders (extended listings, 'hot swap' currencies)
Autocraft steam cards.
Grays-out & highlights owned/wishlisted Steam games on Humble Bundle
This extension checks the reputation of a Steam user on SteamRep.
Adds a context menu to activate the selected text on Steam
Displays prices from all regions in the Steam store and convert them to your local currency
Professional UI plugin for steamgifts.com website.
A browser extension that adds the mention "included / not included with Xbox Game Pass" on Steam's store page.
Track prices on Amazon and Steam you think are currently too expensive and get notified once they drop to a price you specify.
LIS is your assistant in the Steam world, with an automatic sale mode for items.
Remote Play PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox, iPhone, APK
Steam : Game Finder allows you to find which multiplayer games are shared within a group of steam users
Steam Artwork Hub Essentials is an extension for Steam that allows you to upload long artworks, screenshots, workshops and guides.
3D View TF2 Warpaints in the steam community market
Real gameplay video on Steam!
This plugin provides Steam page enhancements
Use the right-click menu to activate selected steam key
This extension will help you to trade on Steam market
Autocraft Steam Badges & Steam Gems!
Search Steam using the context menu
Displays SteamRep status on Steam Community profile pages
Displays float values for CS GO skins in the Steam Market. You can check statistics about the public server at…
Indexes your Steam Market transactions to be viewable within the extension and exportable to JSON and CSV.
Expansion for the most profitable exchange of gems for booster packs. This extension can: Shows the price and request. The ability…
This Extension opens links to steam in Steam instead of in Browser
Improve steam friends experience
This plugin shows the game's revenue inside the Steam store page.
Automatically add items to a selected collection (more coming soon!) - Currently in beta
Among Us Mod Menu for PC - Steam Free Download
Steamify is a Chrome extension that displays a users detailed stats on FACEIT on their Steam profile.
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