完美的新标签可以组织具有许多有用功能的书签。 使用书签创建命名文件夹,组织应用程序,设置搜索栏....
Makes Immutable JS objects more readable when they are logged to the console.
Blocks downloads of executable filetypes (exe, com, bat, cmd, vbs).
Capture your thoughts and save favorite pages in a new tab
Extension for calling the native print executable
Login Now!... a network address (internal) that isn't routable, i.e., this IP address can't be paved via a router


Adds ability to open job postings from NUworks in a new tab.
Work in immutable, pre-configured development environments.
Extension for calling the native print executable
Create tables from PeopleSoft's search section.
This extension is search bar for searching guitar tabs on 911tabs. On supported sites extension will prefill song name for search.
Extension for calling the native print executable
The Immutable DARA Extension Immutably stores webpages to IPFS and signs the Hashes on Blockchain.
Override the new tab page with your own aesthetic todolist
A Web Extension used to control all of your YouTube tabs.


Fresh news and inspiration from the world of electronic music delivered straight to your Chrome tab.
Overrides the new tab page
Ensure that your Christmas information comes from a reputable source.
Dinamik Mutabakat için whatsapp üzerinden mutabakat gönderme eklentisi.
Extension for calling the native print executable
PerfectIrishGifts is a reputable news website


Replaces your new tab page with a minimalistic clock and beautiful backgrounds.
Replaces New Tab page with a page with quicklinks, search bar, date & time, and random quotes. Icons made by Abdulrahim Bajaber.
A better way to start the day
Detects whether the page content is distributable.
Fight Climate Change every time you open a new app!
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