阻止 YouTube™ 广告、弹出窗口并抵御恶意软件!
一款无与伦比的广告拦截扩展,用以对抗各式广告与弹窗。可以拦截 Facebook、YouTube 和其它所有网站的广告。
Autoskip clicks the “Skip” button for you on Youtube.
Extension that will allow you to select desired playback quality on Youtube. Save setting forever.
Adblocker blocks ads, pop-up and preroll ads for Youtube and the Web.
Uncover the secrets to success behind your favorite YouTube videos.
Customize colors for Youtube and youtube embed videos
Returns ability to see dislikes
Make your computer run smoothly by suspending the tabs you aren't using
YouTube Adblocker removes all ads: pre-roll video ads, text & banner ads. Save time by stopping those useless advertisements.
观看视频时自动调暗页面,让您仿佛置身于电影院中观看视频。 适用于 YouTube™ 和其他视频网站。
Keyword search volume, cpc and competition for 15+ websites like Google™ Search Console, YouTube™, Amazon™ & more
Browser Extension for YouTube Creators
Enhance your YouTube watching experience! Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, AutoHD, Expand, Snapshots …
Makes YouTube stream H.264 videos instead of VP8/VP9 videos
海量自定义功能提升您的 YouTube 用户体验。
Block annoying ads, popups, malware and tracking (even on Facebook & Youtube), browse faster, and protect your privacy.


7TV is an emote service and extension for Twitch and YouTube
Adblock blocks unwanted ads for Youtube and the Web. Light and fast adblo
Custom color themes for Youtube. Change youtube color to preset themes or create your own
Kiss the annoying "Video paused. Continue watching?" confirmation goodbye!
Removes ads on Youtube. It also allows you to block annotations and pre-rolls.
跳过 YouTube 视频中的赞助广告、订阅提醒等片段。标记视频中的赞助广告来节约大家的时间。
一键自动重播 YouTube 視頻,还可以设置 默认自动重播每段視頻、重播多少次、重播某个部分
Adskip clicks on Skip Ad buttons on Youtube. Works only on Youtube!
Convert & compress videos, record webcam videos. Get faster YouTube uploads. Free & secure.
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