FeatherFeed helps you navigate the forest of content, recommending articles to your liking without compromising your privacy.
The extension for Google Chrome lets you know about new items of Themeforest before anyone else
Flap and fart your way through the trees of the forest, right in your browser.
Find out the dark secret...You need to find seven keys to unlock the secret!Watch out for Slendrina, her mother and her child!They
Drag and drop the blocks get high score. Enjoy the game!
Includes HD wallpaper images of dark forest and woods on every tab background.
Replace your new tab with the Amazon Rainforest Custom page, with bookmarks, apps, games and Amazon Rainforest wallpaper.
26 beautiful forest night images in HD for Chrome new tab.
Browse themeforest with Theme Picture instead of Theme avatar
Amazing Forests by AmazingApps
This extension can open all link preview (called 'LIVE PREVIEW') in the search result page of Themeforest website.
You re a hero survivor walking in an incredible and a huge Jurassic rainforest, where your mission is to stay alive
The newspapers tell of a small savage boy living in the Berries Forest… And they are right ! He has a peculiar look. He jumps fr
RedForester extension to save web page quickly
You and Your friend are on a quest to find the truth about The Rake. Investigation took you to the forest where is a secret underg
Take a weekend trip through forest full of cute animals in this classic mahjong connect game. Mahjong connect games have simple ru
Includes HD images of the rainforest on every new tab. Includes trees rivers and animals from the rainforest.
Replace your new tab with the Forest Custom page, with bookmarks,apps, games and Forest wallpaper.
Enhace forestry web for desktop
Turn your laptp into the window of a forest


This extension will make your new tab pages look beautiful. When opening new tabs you can enjoy picturesque images of forests.…
The official HalfCut NewTab extension will show beautiful & relaxing rainforest images every time you open a new tab!
A flood of cute animals are invading your tavern! They do not want to use your toilets but eat all your ice-cream stock! Quench th
Shows high level of detail with the fewest amount of clicks on Themeforest
Forest Runner features- Endless runner game set in a wood- Missions to complete- Various obstacles along the way such as tree stum
A Kitsune just landed in the forest! This imposing animal is angry and he wants only one thing, to destroy all the pillars of the
Fill the roots and you'll get a big tree. When you get more and more trees will be the forest.
Minecraft The Twilight Forest Mod game, now available on chrome
The adventurous girl is lost in the forest and she wants to go home, you have to help her.
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