A chrome plugin to format your HTML, CSS, JS or JSON code.
Monitor HTTP GET/POST requests. XML/JSON Viewer/Formatter for request and response body. REST Client: send GET/POST/PATCH requests.
Formats websites containing JSON and allows to search them using jsonpath
Pretty print your Javascript and JSON. Format your code for easier reading. Convert between XML and JSON.
Spider let's you turn websites into organized data, download them as JSON/CSV. No coding or configuration required.
Get all your Play Store Reviews in a JSON file, packaged in a zip container.
Inspect JSON in your browser.
Reveals structured metadata (Microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD, Turtle, etc.) embedded within HTML documents.
Generates a compact report of your eBay purchase history items. Can be exported also as CSV, JSON and XML file
Browse JSON like you do it in Finder.
Add HTML elements and styles to your script notes. View Pretty Print JSON objects. Links to records.
Validates and organizes your JSON
Browser extension that changes the way you're viewing JSON
Formats JSON automatically! Open Source, Available with Dark and Light mode, Syntax Highlighting, and automatically linkifies links.
Turn web pages into CSV and JSON
Format, validate and edit JSON instantly
JWT Inspector lets you inspect JSON Web Tokens in requests, cookies and local storage.
Automatic URL Encoder, Decoder tool with JSON Formatter, Validator and Beautifier features
Visualizes HTTP Archive (HAR) files opened locally or online. Also features JSON tree view for HAR and any structured JSON files.
This extension creates a friendly JSON viewer interface for any JSON content-type detected within Chrome.
This extension add to Chrome Dev Tools a new XHR JSON Panel that presents the most important data sent/received in an Ajax process.
Export all links and image links from the current page to Excel or JSON format.
JSON LD Test and Viewer
可能是史上最用心的JSON格式化插件,集 ·干净·小巧·睿智· 于一身,不信你就试试看!
This extension will stringify the current NetSuite record and display it
*** View JSON response from a URL as HTML table ***
Customize your SharePoint Column, View or Form Layout Formatting JSON using a full-featured editor instead of the default one.
JSON online formatting tool. Simple, quick and easy to use.
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