Examine the fields in a Netsuite record
Export your saved searches to Suitescript.
This extension Refresh the Portlets every time You reach Netsuite Home
Extends the NetSuite Field Help and adds relevant information to improve your productivity.
Hover over NetSuite fields to show their IDs. Find fields by their ID or Label.
See the customizations deployed to your records
Add HTML elements and styles to your script notes. View Pretty Print JSON objects. Links to records.
CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Legacy enables true cloud-to-cloud synchronization of your Gmail with NetSuite.
This extension helps to speed up the normal use of the NetSuite platform, through the use of SuiteScript 1.0.
This extension will stringify the current NetSuite record and display it
Load N/* Modules , search via Shortcut and More.
Export a NetSuite Saved Search to SuiteScript 2.x, formatted as TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript.
NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts
Open/View netsuite record with internal id
Five9 Adapter for NetSuite.
This extension is for netsuite to open XML format.
Fixes all sublist headers so that they are still visible while scrolling
Netsuite Role Helper
Export your saved workbooks to SuiteQL. Workbook MUST have a table.
Bring your NetSuite experience to a whole new level with added functionality, shortcuts, settings, and theming
Single click secure login for your salesforce(force.com), netsuite, jira(atlassian) accounts.
A comprehensive plugin for NetSuite Users, NetSuite Developers, NetSuite Admins, NetSuite Testers & NetSuite Functional Consultants.
Export your Workbooks to SuiteScript
Refreshes your NetSuite portlets automatically at the interval of your choosing, without reloading the whole tab.
Detect the error logs in your NetSuite Production Account and be notified on bundle updates.
A cloud-based solution for netsuite users who's hosted VOIP provider runs on the BroadWorks platform.
An extension that refreshes the portlets on NetSuite dashboard.
Export a NetSuite Workbook/Dataset Query to SuiteScript 2.x, formatted as TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript.
NetSuite Test Automation
This extension allows you to visualize all the fields of a record (light and dark mode)
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