Launch app from your Omnibox! (type 'app')
Change default search engine to make Web New Tab your search in Chrome browser address bar (omnibox). Web New Tab is a small and…
Engage, sell, and support from anywhere on the web
To activate, type 'f' followed by a tab or space into the Omnibox. Then enter your term and press enter to submit.
Quickly search your team's Confluence at the press of a button. ...also, adds the shortcut 'con' to the Chrome omnibox.
Quickly search on www.aliexpress.com with browser address bar (omnibox), search on Aliexpress by image, photo or text on any pages
Adds support to the omnibox to search the AS3 reference docs.
Creates an incognito popup with the omnibox hidden.
A customizable search engine that combines them all.
Instant Omnibar Search extensions lets you to easily switch between search engines
Search MDN within Chrome omnibox itself
Adds a button to Gmail threads to add them to OmniFocus, including a link to the message.
强制 Google Chrome 在使用地址栏(多功能框)搜索时使用 google.com 域名(类似于 Google NCR)
Save tab or link to OmniFocus
Search The KJV Bible quickly without leaving your current page, insert [KJV] in the omnibar, or right click selected text on pages.
Simply type 'b {keyword}' in omnibox to open bookmark in current tab.
Search DuckDuckGo using the context menu option and omnibox.
Use [CTRL] + [L] to search your bookmarks (a version of the omnibox only suggesting bookmarks). Also used on the New Tab page.
BitCro Search extension sets your Default Search Engine (Omni Bar) to Yahoo. You can run searches from Chrome's search bar! By…
Search the Java API directly within the Chrome Omnibox.
Use OmniDefend's multi-factor authentication (MFA) features (non-FIDO device).
Count down to Demo Day and search Bookface from your Omnibox.
Adds an “id” omnibox command for the iOS Developer Library.
The OmniRocket Toolkit gives you a new way to look at Amazon listings and reduces your research time when sourcing!
OmniDefend's Single Sign-on feature to enable easy access to websites and applications.
One search box. Many buttons.
Github-powered omnibox for chrome!
An alternative to Chrome's Omnibox.
Image search made simple.
PubMed search in the Omnibox
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