Acronis MassTransit Web Extension
Have a better notion.so experience, less transitions and responsiveness
Short Cut Add-on for Transit Sites
Avoid the lag when entering/exiting fullscreen on a YouTube video - by hiding the heavy fluff while transitioning
Add transit information on Google Maps easily to Google Calendar.
See all the open tabs on your devices! Easily transition from reading on your phone or ipad to reading on your computer. Click…
Adds a transition to the focus outline when you tab around inputs, buttons, and links.
Display natal and progressed charts and transit tables, save birth coordinates with import/export option
Plays a randomly selected Seinfeld transition
Google Trusted Photographer Moderation Tool Kit. A transition alignment ruler plus grid overlay.
Exports Google Maps Transit to Google Calendar
Helps in copying FLS from one org to another. The data is stored locally on chrome extension storage.
Integrate Gmail with Optimiser to create smooth transition of contacts and communication between two applications.
Ad Preview and Screenshot Download for Testing Ad Placement Tags
Enjoy a smooth sound transition when you play/pause a video on Youtube!
Mostra os KM de transito via CET
Pro Tips to ensure your resume sells you as the best job candidate
Get current Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) schedules from the browser based on your location
Add commute for biking and taking public transit to Redfin.
This extension gets arrival times for AC Transit routes. Images from AC Transit website. Real-time data from Nextbus API.
Queue up albums from Bandcamp. Features coming in the next version: - Ability to 'Play All' in queue - Albums will auto-transition…
replaces mentions of 'LGA' on a page with 'LGA, a dumpster fire of a transit facility.' vote with your...chrome extensions
transit bookmarks in transit-bkmks folder one after another by Ctrl+S key
Add the Batman transition effect to the displayed page when you type 'batman'
Listen NFC messages from TransitUC desktop application
Quick access to the news site! Expansion options: - quick transition to the site with news
Retrieves Northbound CTA train and bus information for the user
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