Record, draw, and create custom commands without leaving Notion.
Babbar.tech travels the web and calculates valuable indicators to help you understand the notion of popularity and trust on the…
This Extension helps you to autofill the date in your notion database.
Bookmark links in your Notion databases
This extension create a link for save notion event in google calendar
Utilities for easy note taking with Notion
Do you hate posting lengthy Notion URLs? Not anymore! Noto Link is a seamlessly integrated URL shortener and beautifier for Notion.
The easiest way to schedule tweets and threads for Notion users.
Programming in Notion.so
Extension to easily connect your Notion with Notion Automations
This is a free time tracker button for the most popular services, such as: Trello, Asana, Jira, ClickUp, Gmail, Github, Notion, etc.
Your notion.so workspace, with all the missing features.
Eye-candy 21st century bookmarks, straight into your notion workspace
Um tema dark para o Notion.
Suppor rtl in Notion
An extension to enhance your experience with Notion
Use notion-like HTML elements while composing emails
Turn Notion into your online lecture sidekick.
This theme will make your Notion Workspace look Good.It is inspired from Discord color pallete which has very vibrant colors
Klippper is a Notion Web clipper, it helps you fill your Notion databases from the browser without switching tabs
One-click turn any link into a visual bookmark, and it looks like `Twitter` cards or `Notion` web bookmark.
For Notion
Embed Like Button into Notion
Notion search assistant will display relevant search result upon a search on configured search engine
App Store for Notion. All apps live inside your Notion. You don't have to open another app or browser tab to use them. Just Notion.
The most effective, science-backed way to study, now in Notion.
A chrome plugin that export kindle notes to a notion compatible csv file.
Repo for Notion is a Chrome extension that allows you to highlight blocks of texts in the Notion.so app.
Notion search from URL bar
Make your Notion pretty with custom themes and fonts. Works with the Notion Mac App, the Notion Windows App, and Notion on browsers.
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