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A Chrome extension project with Vue.js
Browser extension for debugging petite-vue.js applications in Webflow.
Lots of modifications to Synergy StudentVUE!
Add link to Vuetify docs in GitHub.
Recherche rapide sur l'ensemble des sites du Groupe Revue Fiduciaire
Multy, the URL shortener for multiple URLs!
cookie快捷设置,基于vue3.x typescript ant-design-vue
Adds global helper function for finding Vue components (window.vueFind = querySelector for VDOM)
A Chrome extension that notifies you about latest Vue ecosystem releases. Developed by Noveo: https://noveogroup.com
The extension allows you to copy your content from OnlyFans to Fanvue.
DV360 and Google Ads in-site add-on to quickly and easily import your VuePlanner placement targeting.
Virtual Device ID Generator
Добавляет vue, objC синтаксис в наш старый git stash
See video reviews uploaded by users of google places
This Chrome extension is developed primary for http://vuepanel.com/. It doesn't do anything except capture content of your screen.
It's easy to add new hires into your payroll/hris system directly from this extension.
A Vue Browser Extension
A Vue.js web extension
A Vue Browser Extension
A vue.js web extension that allows choosing by challenges based on certain conditions
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A Vue.js web extension
A Vue.js web extension
A browser extension to enhance the developer experience when using Vue Hubble
A Vue Browser Extension
A Browser extension that makes it easier to view the official Vue.js documentation.
Raccoon's 1st vue.js web extension
This WebRTC screen capturing extension can be used within any WebRTC library/application
Permet une meilleure lisibilité des noms de produits en vue liste
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