English global dictionary with Scrabble Word Finder, Thesaurus, Rhymes and Definitions
Add Markdown Support to Mindmeister Notes
This extension enables Design Science Research through Mindmeister.
BrandMaxima is a leading Social Media Intelligence and Analytics platform built for Social Marketing Professionals, Agencies and…
Don't forget a thing!!
Add a message to every contents you share. It’s the best way to drive traffic, conversion and leads to your business.
Test your geography knowledge of cities and landmarks on the world map!
Colombian Landmarks.
Mindviewer is a HTML5 web app which allows real-time mindmap building with multiple users.
Website screenshots so simple your grandma could do it.
다양한 asmr 음원을 선택해 나만의 asmr음악을 만들어보세요.
Remind me about this article when it is relevant
Create shipping labels from addresses on any website.
Includes HD images of the Egyptian Pyramids on every new tab. For fans of Egyptian history landmarks and the Pyramids of Giza!
It is a visual dictionary/thesaurus. It uses a mindmap like interface to show relationships between words and definitions.
No good thought is wasted anymore! Fragmented understandings are organised for you to form a complete understanding of a topic.…
Create mindmaps for different sources of information.
Overrides some styles for better background images presentations. - Notes space is bigger (It goes well with the mark-down chrome…
Landman Central converts frequently used landman units.
Simple extension helping us control ourselves with opening too many tabs.
Most visited CARTO Builder map at the moment


We schedule reminders and pickups for your Amazon orders.
Push jobs next to you.
Покупайте продукты прямо через браузер
This extension will help you to access your landmax.pro account with a single click


AndMe Extension
Simple adds a "Backup Storage" to the site http://mindmapfree.com/. For the download to happen you need to save your project in…
Save the selected text from the active tab to your MapsOfMind map.
Provides additional information when on zed.run and related websites
Shows a landmine next to any naked 'mailto:' link on a webpage. So you can avoid them.
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