Tools for searching rooms, auto refreshing and joining rooms, admin kick/ban shortcuts, and local-muting of other players
A tracking extension to help administrators find lost or stolen chromebooks
Turn Down the volume of Spotify Ads
Lets you replace the default Shopify Theme Editor dashboard with new UI to easy manage the Shopify Theme.
This extension is installed via the Administrator of the computer so that web browsing follows the policies in place for the ATI.
myDownloadManager Search
Only Google Meet Auto Admit extension that also works on admit all button. Automatically admit users who are joining your meeting.…
Quickly log into and switch to/from the WordPress Admin with a single keyboard shortcut or click.
View Shopify Product Info like Product ID, Variant IDs, and SKUs all from the front end. No Admin Log-In required.
SdbNavigator is a free and open source Amazon SimpleDB Administration Interface. More info on http://www.kingsquare.nl/sdbnavigator
Readme - Text to Speech can read aloud text from any websites, eBooks and documents. Simply select and speak (TTS).
Automatically admit 'Someone wants to join this meeting' pop-up on Google Meet™.
Connect to your router with special IP address 192.168.l.l. Fastly control admin panel. ADSL, Modem, Router
Adblocks plus Google search results with adverts pre-warning system.
This extension is created by Consortium
This extension helps Salesforce Admins to select all columns while setting up field level permissions.
Connect to your router with special IP address 10.0.0.l. Fastly control admin panel ADSL, Modem, Router
Adds a navigation menu to any readme or Markdown file on GitHub.
LeadMine Prospector is the simplest and easiest way to find anyone's emails from anywhere on the web.
Admin tools for Dynamics 365/CRM
Salesforce Admin and Dev Assistant who help to Quick Find,Login,Query,Backup,View LWC Code,Cron Expression,Record Edit-View,Exports
pyLoad Control Extension is a Chrome Plugin to Control one of our world major downloadmanager - pyLoad - (http://www.pyload.org).
This extension helps to validate admitad integration
This extension providing new, unique and elegant elements into your SQSP admin panel. Compatible with both 7.0 and 7.1 versions.
Turn your Shopify admin dashboard dark and reduce eye strain.
Administer Microsoft 365 with ease
Login Now!... Login Admin. It is a private IPv4 network address to change default router settings Login Admin. It is a private IPv4 network address to change default router settings
Get rid of Admiral's AdBlock Recovery with the click of a button!
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