Enhances Google pages by adding ajax loader (Animated GIF and Animated PNG - APNG).
Logging of all REST API AJAX requests in the tab
This extension will refresh hacker news once a minute via AJAX.
Disables the loading of pages on GitHub via PJAX (pushState + AJAX), which becomes slow and unreliable on larger pages.
Browse plurk response by ajax.
A local ajax.googleapis.com mirror
Chrome request proxy extension 1. Supports modifying Ajax/Fetch Request query 2. Supports modifying Ajax/Fetch Request body 3.…
Dump ajax request/responses data and code to file to be served by mockettaro
Right click on any web page to post the title and url to an ajax endpoint
With this extension you can easily create mocks of all our ajax calls!
Turn any page into a webapp
Ajax tools made by Bottle_Liu
Help to slide images in elohell.net faster using ajax.
Convert any free text on a webpage to speech by just highlighting it. Simple and easy to use.
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