Search information on any opened website via special commands of popular search engines. (Google, Yandex, etc.).
Secure check new Yandex Mail™.
Search image copies on Yandex.ru, Google.com, Bing.com and Tineye.com via right click menu
Проверка орфографии на сайте
Access to bookmarks from anywhere. Expanding the capabilities of the Onlinezakladki.ru service. For Yandex.Browser.
Open current page, link, or all tabs in the Yandex browser.
This is small extension to hide ads that are created by vk.com, facebook.com, google adsense, yandex direct, prevent popups, and…
Данное расширение добавляет интеграцию с системным плеером в Яндекс.Музыку
Direct Download Link Generators Tools for Google Drive, Mediafire, OneDrive, Dropbox, Yandex.
Traffic monitor based on Yandex service.
Выключаем рекламу в почте Яндекс .RU .UA .BY .KZ .COM
VK Tik-Tok Instagram video downloader also vimeo, facebook, yandex music, dailymotion, deezer, spotify
Force Safe Search on all major search engines: Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Dogpile, Reddit, Ixquick, and DuckDuckGo
Block Yandex Zen from loading and-or showning on sites
Download files from Yandex.Narod (narod.yandex.ru) with no need to type annoying captcha.
It adds favicons to G**gle search. Just like yandex does. NOT AFFILIATED WITH GOOGLE IN ANY INTENT OR FORM.
Look up the selected text in the various search engines and services (Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, market.yandex.ru, price.ru any!)
A highly customizable dark theme for Yandex homepage and search
This extensions helps you to search information with yandex from context menu
Блокировка рекламы в Яндекс.Почта
Güncel Canlı TV Kanallarını UCRETSIZ IZLE iletişim: izletvcom@yandex.com
Данное расширение убирает рекламу с различных страниц Яндекса.
Searches Google, DuckDuckGo, YouTube, Start Page, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, Ask & Yandex with one click
Добавляет возможность выбирать слова в wordstat.yandex.ru и копировать их в буффер обмена.
The best way to work with Yandex.
Скачивате и слушайте онлайн радио, музыку с Яндекс.Все это для вас, одним кликом мыши
Быстрое управление плеером Yandex Music без перехода на вкладку
Quick similar images on the right mouse button in different search engines Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and TinEye.
This extension adds a context menu option for selected image in order to find it on Yandex.
Control your music from any app! Integrates with Windows and Linux operating systems.
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