Saves changes in CSS and JS that was made via Chrome DevTools
Discover CSS world with us on every page you visit!
CSS3 Click Chart是一款能帮助您在正在查看的页面上添加功能强大的CSS3图表的Chrome插件。
Create and update SharePoint Online/SP2013/SP2016/SP2019 css/js files, inject files to web, manage web/list properties, list Webhook

View source code of online HTML, CSS & JavaScript files
JavaScript and CSS formatter/syntax highlighter
A helper tool for to confirm CSS and XPath selector.
Extends the Developer Tools and context menu, adding a sidebar that displays the css path of DOM element.
Test your css selector by using this quick script. Does not support the "HTML" Element or "*" selector.
Dev Tools sidebar that aids finding unique CSS selectors for Selenium WebDriver tests.
Gridman is a CSS Grid inspector for Chrome
A handy generator for all of your CSS3 needs from within the browser
Add Custom JavaScript (JS) Code or Styles (CSS) to any page.
CSS Reloader is a browser extension which allows developers to reload CSS without reloading the page itself.
This plugin will remember all css/js code you injected in every website and auto-inject them when web page is loaded
Collect and analyze CSS.
Adds outline to all elements on the page to show the culprit element which is changing desired layout
Interactive editor for CSS Shapes.
This extension inserts (with auto reload) the Pesticide CSS into the current page, outlining each element.
Customize any website visually.
Case converter, image cropper, CSS triangle generator, base64 encoder/decoder, HEX to RGBA converter and many more online web tools
Locate and save web elements and get their xpath/cssSelector code
Easily check the grid alignment of your page across breakpoints.
Easily compare CSS of two HTML elements.
Instantly auto-generate the most robust locator including Xpath, CSS selector and more for use with Selenium or Protractor.
HTML or CSS developer or learner, Get the program output instantly.
Extract HTML/CSS snippets from websites. Inspect an element and eXtract HTML CSS


Add custom CSS styles, JavaScript & jQuery to any websites
A chrome plugin to format your HTML, CSS, JS or JSON code.
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