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With out 'QR Code Generator', you can generate a QR Code for the current page and scan a QR Code using your laptop / computer webcam
A chrome extension for reading QR code from webpage.
認識QR Code Extension,這是生成和共享QR Code的最簡單,最快的方法
a multiple QR- and bar-code scanner that supports scanning from webcam and local images
Shorten the page/selected URL using tinyurl, bit.ly, cutt.ly, is.gd, v.gd, tny.im and also generate QR Code for shortened URL)
Download apps with a qr code from main app stores: apple, android, windows, amazon
QR Code generator extension to create QR codes offline with one click
全功能二维码扩展(The Quick QR Code):二维码生成、摄像头解码、截屏解码、图片解码、长短链接相互转换、历史记录等诸多功能。
QR Code Maker. Text, URL, phone numbers, SMS and contacts are supported. You can also decode QR code from image.
Best QR Code Generator. Generate QR Code for current page in one click.
Generate QR Code for vCard, URL and Business with logo in round, circle and heart shapes and beautify them with Chrome Extension.
Generate QR Code without internet connectivity or server lag.
Free QR Code Generator - Create and share your own QR codes
Create a QR code of the selected text, current url or hyperlink.
Convert your linkedin profile to beautiful resume with QR code & mobile resume in single click. Easy & Simple !!!
Create QR code for current url.
Instantly Create short URLs & a QR code of your current tab.
Qr Code Scanner - Free Qr Code Scanner Online
Generate short URL of the current page and get its QR code in just one click.
Chrome QRCode generator
Shorten and expand URLs with TinyW.in and upload images and screenshots to Phota.me
Offline QR Code Generator/Editor (URL and Text)
Generate QR Code for installing Android apps on your device while surfing web-based Google Play™ (no sign-in required)
Quickly send viewing web page or any other text to your mobile using QR code.
Создает и расшифровывает QR-коды текста и веб-страниц. Мгновенный экспорт информации в мобильный телефон.
Login Facebook with QR code
QR codes generator. Generate QR codes quickly! Convert URL links or text and download QR image.
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