Convert and send LaTeX expressions as images in Discord. Format expressions in Discord or for other websites and programs.
Enter LaTeX code and the extension will convert the code to HTML.
LaTeX formulas in Yahoo Answers.
Simple Batch Downloader for your Flatex Documents
Compile LaTeX from Google Docs
Compile and show latex formulas in comments.
A LaTeX cheat sheet, one click away
Replace LaTeX to unicode math symbols
Make a LaTeX expression and embed, paste, or grab an image
Make your LaTeX math embeddable for articles, websites -- wherever you want.
This is the only add-on for writing Math content using LaTeX on JIRA Cloud.
Corrige a exibição de fórmulas LaTeX nas atividades.
Write mathematical expression in UTF format - Convert LaTeX command to text!
Renders LaTeX equations on BitBucket with MathJax
Adds the ability to write LaTeX math equations as answers for Actively Learn questions.
Browser extension that brings LaTeX to Medium
View LaTeX files in Google Chrome. Also, convert embedded tex codes in Gmail, Google Groups and Google Sites.
Latex Greek letters in text command easily copy and paste online.
内容辅助实用工具集:显示 LaTeX;搜索当前页种的所有可下载资源;划词翻译
Text macros and a LaTeX preset
A minimal tool to convert latex to html
Displays LaTeX math equations in Workflowy.
The extension automates the login process for the services of Technical University of Munich (TUM; eg. moodle, mail LaTeX).
visualize data-formular attribute with a label
Renders LaTeX equations in Slack
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