Tab Restore helps to restore recently closed tabs and window sessions.
With 'Tabs Backup & Restore' you will never lose your work again! Backup an entire Chrome session (windows and tabs).
Switch between multiple sessions on multiple websites.
Provides 1-click "Reopen closed tab" with sessions. It's same functionality on Chrome menu.
Create a roll, take attendance, and quickly find out who is missing from your Google Meet session
This extension enables web-pages shown in Chrome to be part of a context synchronisation session with the Sirenia Driver Platform…
Additional extension for saving tab groups in Tab Session Manager
Makes Evaboot easier to use by automatically retrieving your session cookies
A helper extension for Chrome Enterprise with requirements to auto-launch Citrix Workspace after entering a managed guest session
Clear history, cookies and cache of a current incognito session while leaving all tabs open!
Integrate your licensed content from D&D Beyond into your running Foundry VTT Dungeons & Dragons session.
Next generation session manager
Import and export cookie of current website, manage facebook cookie session.
TexAu Chrome Extension makes TexAu easier to use by automatically retrieving your session cookies.
Builds a command line for 'curl/wget' tools to enable the download of data on a console only session.
Exploratory testing session using Chrome
Session manager and tabs saver. With sync
Record user scenario sessions right from the browser, automatically uploaded to your Load Impact account (only for v3.0 product).
Record your Vectera meetings, start cobrowsing sessions, and add Vectera meetings to your Google and Office 365 calendar.
This extension helps you save the tabs in your current Chrome session, and reload them later.
Google Chrome™ extension for logging into Salesforce Workbench from an active Salesforce session.
The swiss army knife of tab, history, bookmark, session, and extension management.
Automatically reconnects to Colab's ongoing session without manually clicking.
Search, Sort, Share on Facebook, Twitter & Email, Snooze, De-Duplicate, Save Sessions
Share your website account cookies to your friends without login with password. 无须分享你的账号密码,与朋友一起共享账号登录态,而避免相互踢下线。建议同一IP下使用,避免封号。
Save & restore your browser sessions. Auto saving, multiple sessions and more.
Very useful extension for downloading session parameters in Chrome.
A keyboard controlled Drum Machine that can export your session to a MIDI file and record through your microphone
Developer tool for exploring localStorage and sessionStorage which lets you parse values
Share screen in Wirecast Rendezvous session
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