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UP - Save all resources files with retaining folder structure.
Save all images in active tab as .zip file. Easily save photos from Instagram, Google Images, etc.
Save all tabs at once.
Expands all images & webm's in a thread with the click of a button. Once expanded, you can choose to save all images into a folder.


Save all your gift ideas from every e-commerce websites in your Ookoodoo's wishlist and share it them with your friends.


One click slideshow from any page with image links including: Google Images, Instagram and a save all feature!
Save all your current open tabs. Keep them accessible, anywhere and all the time.
Save all of your notes and memos in your browser. Easy to organize, copy, paste and sync between computers.
Using this you can open multiple url at a single click & It will save all the url in memory even after shutting your computer
Save all open tabs to a bookmarks folder.
Save all your current tabs and come back to them later.
Save all images in active tab as .zip file. Easily save or edit photos from Instagram, Google Images, Facebook, etc.
Easily save all images in a website to a zip file with just one click!
Save and close all the pages opened only need one click.
One click slide-show from any page with image links including: Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc and a sweet save all feature!
Save all opening tabs in current window to Pocket.
This extension will save all tabs that are opened in Chrome and gives you the flexibility to open all of them in one-click.
Automatically save all open tabs in current window to the same directory.
Save Us is a puzzle platform game - Try to save all of them to pass the level
Download all images from all opened tabs at once
This extension saves all open tabs to Pocket
Get the raw URLs of all your open tabs!
Save all open tabs in your browser to your Collectably
Save all tabs currently open on all windows and then reload them during a different browser session
Our AliSuper Plus - Download AliExpress Images allows you to easily save all of the AliExpress images and videos to your computer.


Syiwe is the perfect way to save all images from any website at once. Try now!
Save all your favorite images to imgfave.com
Save all opened tabs to Pocket. This is not official extension from Pocket team!
Save all that's words that you did not remember and tried to translate using google translate. Then you can repeat these words…
Quickly save all your tabs
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