4chan X is a script that adds various features to anonymous imageboards.
Expands all images & webm's in a thread with the click of a button. Once expanded, you can choose to save all images into a folder.
Opens all images from a page into a new tabbed window. Great for image focused sites like reddit, 4chan etc.
The most comprehensive 4chan userscript.
Click a link to download every image in a thread!
The best way to browse 4chan.
auto expand image on 4chan
Quickly flick through images and videos with ease with the 4Chan Gallery Mode extension. Simply click the “Gallery Mode” link with…
Easily expand images in 4chan
Adds three different ways to view the images of a 4chan or 4channel thread
Enables names on 4chan's forced anon boards. Requires 4chan X.
Lets you browse 4chan images in a lightbox
Quickly show images from page, they're overlayed on current page and eliminate the need to open 8 million images in a new tab.
Find threads by searching for keywords in the original post.
> #1 new tab 4chan verifid
A search engine allowing you to comb through the 4chan.org boards and filter out the results you are not interested in
Customizable rice and themes for 4chan X.
Cross-browser userscript for maximum lurking on 4chan.
Load all 4chan images at blazing speeds in threads.
This addon allows you to download all media content from the threads on 4chan and 2ch.hk
Find those threads you like.
Image browser for www.4chan.org
Search 4Chan from the toolbar.
A 4chan.org extension for expanding images inline and automatically updating the page with new posts.
Some little helper to improve your 4chan expirience. Current functions: * Expand all Threads * Collapse all Threads * Show all…
Colors all posts made by user in a thread
Resize images on 4chan by drag-and-drop! :)
View 4chan threads in a reddit-like nested format
Make randomly browsing Reddit and 4chan easy. Simply hit a hotkey to navigate to a random page while on reddit or 4chan.
This extension redirect user to 4chan catalog view
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