This extension splits a window into two at the selected tab.
Select and Speak uses iSpeech's human-quality text-to-speech (TTS) to read any selected text in the browser. It includes many…
Translate your selected text with Google Translate in one click. Translation in a simplest way.
Block Flash from loading automatically and allow content only on selected sites.
Auto HD quality for Youtube videos. Optimal video quality is selected based on your screen size.
Convenient and fast translation of selected text on a web page.
Use the right-click menu to search for selected text in different search engines
An easy-to-use font inspector to get CSS styles of the selected element
Clear your browser history, cache and cookies on a selected interval in just one click.
Translate selected or entered text
Provides a right click context menu to get stats on the selected text
Right Click to translate selected text using Google Translate
Easily extract CSS and HTML from selected element. Then send it to CodePen, jsFiddle or JS Bin with one click.
Quickly translate selected or typed text on web pages. Supports Google Translate and DeepL API.
Translate the selected text with Google Translate
Translation of selected text or any words on a web page with use Google Translate.
Translate the selected text!
One of the best Auto Refresh app on the market. Refresh your pages on selected time interval. Super simple and easy to use.
Automatically copy selected text to the clipboard. Has many configurable options for controlling the behavior.
The most efficient way to use your favourite search engines. Search selected text, use customizable hotkeys and much more.
Right Click to translate selected text into a new Tab using Google Translate
Get all css rules used by the selected DOM and its children.
Shorten the page/selected URL using tinyurl, bit.ly, cutt.ly, is.gd, v.gd, tny.im and also generate QR Code for shortened URL)
Automatically convert in-page prices to the selected currency using current rates.
Right click on a selected text and choose the search website from the popup window or the context menu.
Translate selected text on any PDF/HTML/TXT page in just two clicks even when page is your local document
Search for the selected text in search engines
Shows the knockout context & data for the selected dom node in a sidebar of the elements pane.
Translation in a easiest way! Translate selected text with Google Translate.
Clip selected web content to your DEVONthink database. Press Shift-Control-C to activate from the keyboard.
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